How to Play

Brain Bout is a free multiplayer game of knowledge and trivia. All questions display multiple choice responses. Players receive points for correct answers, and they lose points for incorrect responses. The first respondent to answer correctly receives a bonus point.

Joining a public game is the easiest way to start.

Quick Start - Public Game Room

Quick Start boy on bicycle

It's that easy!

Organize a private game!

Customize your game by selecting topics that interest your group!

Private Game Room

David Diaz illustration showing private game.
Illustration by David Diaz

Create a private game room for you and your guests. It's as easy as clicking the Get a Room button. Brain Bout does not need your guests' contact information. The button generates a Secret Key that you share, using your own private email or text messaging application.

Create your own Private Game Room. To get started, just login.

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