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TortoiseThere are two ways to play. After registering and logging in you can play* a public game, or you can create your own private game room.

Public Game

Joining a public game is the easiest way to begin. If game play is busy you'll start at the bottom and level-up. If more than one public room is available, the game will automatically transfer you into a room where people are competing at your level.
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Private Game

We don't ask you for another person's contact information...

Creating your own private game room is another way to play. Before creating a private game room for you and your guests, think about the people you want to invite and have their contact information ready.

We don't ask you for another person's contact information, but you'll want that information handy so that you can quickly send them an invitation using your own email or texting service. The faster the invitations go out, the sooner game play can begin! Click here when you're ready to create a private game room.
Create a Private Game Room

Have fun!

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