French Heads of Government

Adolphe Thiers

Difficulty rating 7 out of 10 (most difficult = 10)

Adolphe Thiers. Image by Nadar - [1], Public Domain,

This category begins with Adolphe Thiers, who was the second elected President of France and first President of the French Third Republic. By beginning this category with Adolphe Thiers, we get past monarchical rule and into the modern age, where portraits become more recognizable by those choosing to play this category.

At the time of this writing, only two women appear in this category. So, during game play you might see the image of a woman followed by choices, most of which are men. I decided to keep the women, because they are an important part of French history. When the portraits of these women appear, you should score an easy win ­čÖé

Image: Adolphe Thiers, By Nadar – [1], Public Domain,

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